What is a Registered Agent with RAK OFFSHORE (RAKIA)?

In RAK OFFSHORE Authority which is a division of RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) who belongs to the Government of Ras Al Khaimah an offshore company only can be formed via a registered agent, i.e. clients cannot deal with the authority directly. Such agents are usually business consultants, corporate services providers, chartered accountants or law firms who can ensure the necessary expertise and skills.

EuroConsult FZE has been focussing on financial offshore services in UAE since its inception and is one of the leading registered agents with RAK Offshore (Corporate Service Provider License No. L1 01 11 133)

As a registered agent we not only help with the registration and processing at RAK OFFSHORE but also consult our clients upfront to find the best solution for their needs.

EuroConsult as a registered agent covers next to management services also administration services e.g. attestations related to the company formation, changes of shareholders, directors or secretary, name change, annual renewals or in case a clients would like to close down the company.

Clients are welcome to contact RAK Offshore Authority to verify that we are among the most successful registered agents.

In  2012 EuroConsult FZE was No. 2 in the list of all registered agents with more than 100 registered RAK offshore companies. 

What are you waiting for? Call +971 55 218 4269 for free consultation!

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