Residence Visa in Dubai | Residency Permit

Many visitors of Dubai fall in love with the vibrant energy of the city and its vast business opportunities and sooner or later come to a point where they think how to move to Dubai.

In order to become a resident of Dubai it is required to have a valid Dubai residence visa or residency permit.

To receive a residence visa in Dubai is not as difficult as most people might think. All you need is the right information couple with strike guidelines and your application will be approve without much difficulty.

This informative article will reveal what will qualify you to apply for a residency visa in Dubai and how to go about it. So i encourage you to read on.

One of the easiest ways to access a Dubai residence visa is to become a shareholder in a company that resides in Dubai. But while taking this route, you should take into consideration the fact that only onshore {both free zones and non-free zones} companies provides such facilities for their shareholders. Offshore companies have not been privileged to perform these tasks.

This can take about 3-4 weeks before your application will be completely processed and ready for collection. The validity of such permit can last between 2-3 years depending on the company you are operating from.

A similar opportunity is also giving to family members of a shareholder in a company that operate from Dubai. In this case, after the shareholder has applied and receive his or her visa, there can proceed to apply that their family members.

This could be their spouse or children. The permit will take a period of 7-14 before it will be issued to the applicant. Again, depending on the type of company, this permit can last for about 2-3 years.

After permit has been issue; all you have is another 30 days for you to apply for a residence stamp and you are through.

Opportunity is also open to persons that own an operational company at Dubai or residential property in the value of about 1 million AED. This type of visa can be valid to a period of 2 years.

However, if you are under an employment contract, you can contact the employer whom you work for and the will process your residential Dubai visa. Receiving your permit can take 7-14 days.

There are currently lots of advantages that go with having a residency visa in Dubai. Beside the edge of living and working there, you will live a task free life. This is because their personal income taxation law and regulations provides such benefits.

The requirement for you to apply for a Dubai residency permit involved that, first you monthly salary should not be less than 4000 AED or 3000 AED plus accommodation.

This is important because during the application, you will be asked to submit your salary certificate as a government employee or attested work contract from companies and private firms.

In the case of spouse sponsorship, you will have to submit an attested marriage certificate issue either from the residence authority or your home country.

Finally, you will forward other information like original passports photograph and medical check-up reports.

If you follow all the steps mention above, then you wouldn’t have much difficulties in processing and been issued your Dubai residency visa. But if the above procedure seem tasking for you, then you can outsource it to a qualify firm that will simplify and get your application approved with ease.

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