Required documents RAK offshore company formation

Generally any individual (minimum age 21 years) and company can set up a RAK Offshore Company. 

Required documents for RAK offshore company formation:


Individual Applicants:

  • Passport Copy
  • Bank Reference Letter (with signature and stamp of the bank) – in case a bank reference letter cannot be obtained then 3 months bank statements (with signature and stamp of the bank) will do
  • Proof of Residence (original utility bill e.g. electricity, water, telephone landline bill or an attestation of the residence from the home municipality or city hall).

Non-Individual Applicants:

  • License or Certificate of Incorporation issued by the chamber of commerce (attested by UAE embassy and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Board Resolution (attested by UAE embassy and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • MoA of the parental company (attested by UAE embassy and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Passport Copy of the Director and the Shareholders
  • Additional documents may be requested by the Registrar during the registration process

Individuals born in Iran or with Iranian passport unfortunately currently cannot incorporate a RAK OFFSHORE Company.

Process of a RAK Offshore Company incorporation:

1.Send us 3 company name alternatives (Names have the ending “Limited” and should not contain terms like “Emirates”, “Dubai”, “RAK”, “FOREX”, “Finance”, “Bank”, “Insurance” or names of the ruling families in UAE.A possible name can be for example: “ABC Limited”, “ABC Holdings Limited”, “ABC International Limited”, “ABC Enterprises Limited”, “ABC Middle East Limited”

2.Email us the required documents as scan copies (see above) so that we can prepare the application forms and MoA.

3.Sign the prepared forms which we will send you by email or when we meet you personally

4.Courier us or hand us over the original bank reference letter together with the signed forms

5.Do the payment

6.Within 24 hours (on working days) your company will be registered

7.Sign bank account application forms and wait until your account is being opened (2-7 days depending on the bank). Physically presence in UAE is required!

8.Start your business !!!

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