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It begs to wonder why many investors are opting to invest offshore as compared to onshore. Is it because individuals are more afraid of the countries that they come from or is it that the idea of investing in another country is attractive? Well, you can never be sure on the reasons that make people to invest offshore. The question that you should ask yourself is; is it worthwhile that you take time to invest offshore? Take for example investing in Dubai. This is something that many business persons are doing and research shows that more and more people are opting for this idea due to the numerous benefits that they get. This means that the chances of failing after investing in Dubai, UAE are close to nil.

So, this brings us to the idea of opening a bank account in Dubai, UAE so that you can start investing in no time. Dubai is a unique city among the Emirates considering the fact that it is offering vast opportunities to businesses as well as to business persons. This is the main reason why most individuals seek to make use of the open opportunities that are there. It is worthwhile to spend time and open up a bank account in one of the richest cities of the world. What are the odds that you would fail? Most people have succeeded and are still doing this so it is highly likely that you would get the best out of your opening account in Dubai, UAE.

Below are top reasons that should convince you into opening up a bank account in Dubai:

Dubai is growing fast

As earlier mentioned this is a city that is growing fast and many businesses have opted to invest here. This is a valid reason as to why you should open up a bank account in Dubai. This idea has also made it possible for big banks to initiate their branches in Dubai. Some of the big names that you would find here include: ABN Amro, Abbey National, and HSBC. Does this ring a bell in you? Firms are investing a lot to ensure that they are part of UAE community to make certain that they benefit. Thus, it would not be an idea backed by regrets if you took time to open up a bank account here for the purpose of investing.

Regulated banking activities

You can rest assured that you would not be exploited in case you opened up a bank account in Dubai. There are those individuals who are scared of opening up accounts simply because they lack information about opening up accounts offshore. Well, the idea is just the same. There are regulations that are put in place to make sure that you open account freely. Regulations in Dubai are obtained from UAE Central Bank. This is a body that ensures all banks follow the right code of conduct in attending to offshore customers. This means that any bank that you choose to rely on would cater for your demands in a respectable manner.

Get the best from free trading zones

Despite the restrictions that are there for new and upcoming banks in Dubai, there are free trading zones that ideally attract large firms to join the community. The free trade zones ensure that you can operate freely within Dubai without having to pay for anything. For example, if you are running a business here, you would evade the idea of paying taxes. Also, money that you have in your bank account would not be charged anything in case you want to deposit foreign currency. Sending money is also free once you join the UAE community. This is something that is not evident in other countries all over the world. It is an idea that will see to it that your business blossoms without having to spend a lot as taxes and other expenses.

Minimize your tax burden

One thing that you should strive to get is a visa that would show you are a resident of Dubai. Once this is done, offshore banking would be an easy task for you. Do you know that you would not pay for anything in case you want to import funds or even export? This is the benefit that you would get and avoid tax burdens that would sometime inconvenience you. Company taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes etc. all these you can wave goodbye to them once you have signed up with your desired bank in Dubai. There are many people who would wish to be in the position that you are in as they would make impulse decisions when it comes to opening up a bank account in Dubai, UAE.

Open your account easily

Probably you are thinking that opening a bank account would take you a month or so. Well, in Dubai opening up an account would take you less than a week. This is inclusive of the process of registering your business here. Thus, there are no strict regulations that would bar you from having your ideal bank account in time. Simply take some time in deciding carefully on the bank that you think is best for you and go for it; as simple as that and your account would be up and running.

Track your transactions globally with the help of internet banking

Once you have your Dubai account, you would easily track all your transactions with ease. This is done with the help of online banking account feature that you get. Most banks in Dubai UAE have this feature hence you need not to worry too much about this. Take your time to mull over initiating an account that is offshore. This will make sure that you gain the best out of offshore banking.

Flexibility in terms of transfer of funds

Gone are the days when you would have to save up just to guarantee that you can transfer the little funds that you have. With the idea of offshore baking in Dubai UAE, you ought to transfer your funds without paying a penny. The only charges that you would pay are to the service providers that you would be depending on; this is minute.

Therefore, waste no time today and open up a bank account in Dubai, UAE.

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